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Attorney Andrew Branca of Law of Self Defense ( discusses self-defense cases, news, legal principles, and takes live Q&A. Held every Wednesday, 2PM Eastern time. 

Facebook Live:

Youtube Live:

Participate live and be eligible to win free prizes!

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Andrew was interviewed in February 2014 by German N24 News Television on "Stand-Your-Ground" in particular, and American self-defense law and gun law & culture generally.

Also available as a Youtube videocast:

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NOTE: This is not our typical podcast in which we cover substantive use-of-force law. Rather, this particular podcast is to inform our listener/viewers of our Labor Day 50% Discount Sale on our "Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Class" DVD sets. We will return with our usual substantive podcasts later this week.

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Attorney Andrew Branca considers the popular Youtube video, "Never Talk to the Police," by Professor James Duane in 2008 (here, and elsewhere:

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Andrew was a guest on the August 16, 2017 episode of "Concealed Carry Podcast,"  hosted by Riley Bowman and Jason Paulsen. (

Also available as a video blogcast:

In ~90 minutes we cover a lot of ground, including:

“Stand-Your-Ground” what it means and doesn’t mean
Distinguish SYG from self-defense immunity
Thirteen duty-to-retreat states.
How does the “Duty to Retreat” work?
Importance of retreating even in SYG states.
How rarely SYG is relevant in so-called high-profile SYG cases.
More fake “science” on SYG from JAMA Internal Medicine
How the DOJ/FBI crime data underestimates justifiable homicides
“Castle Doctrine,” and it’s various flavors in different states
Distinguishing “castle doctrine” from “defense of dwelling”
Legal implications of provocative stickers/symbols
Self-defense as authority to neutralize the threat, not kill the threat
Danger of a light trigger opening the door to claim of negligence, and losing legal defense of self-defense
The myth of “show me a case where …”
“Can my training be used against me in court?”
Interacting with the police
Importance of preserving exculpatory evidence/witnesses
Knowing the law allows defender to act DECISIVELY
How to pick an attorney
Danger of relying apparent plain meaning of statutes
Importance of court decisions in defining/applying the law

Listen to the end for 20% discount code for anything at

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Andrew was a guest on the August 6, 2017 episode of "Armed America Radio,"  hosted by Mark Walters.

Also available as a video blogcast:

In a ~30 minutes we cover a lot of ground, including:

They myth of “jury selection”
Road rage encounters
It’s the stakes, not the risks
Danger of false evidence
Plea agreements for the innocent
Self-defense and illegal activity
Lawful gun self-defense by felons
Andrew speaks at FBI Academy
Dangers of ignorance of the law
Danger of learning law from anecdotes

Listen to the end for 20% discount code for anything at

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Andrew was a guest on the June 14, 2017 episode (#416) of the "Polite Society Podcast," which was hosted by: Paul Lathrop, Amy Dillon, Rob Morse, John Richardson.

In a ~30 minutes we cover a lot of ground, including:

Castle Doctrine
Five Elements of a Self-Defense Claim
Disparity of size, strength, fighting ability
Martial arts training
Claim of self-defense as admission to elements of crime charged
Self-Defense Immunity
Mutual Combat
Talking with the police
Defense of pets

Listen to the end for 20% discount code for anything at

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Andrew was a guest on the June 14, 2017 episode (#4) of the "Lull in the Fight" Podcast, hosted by Jason Rhodes and Eric Dean.

If you would prefer to watch this in video form, you can find it on Youtube here:

In a relatively brief 25 minutes we cover a lot of ground, including:

The dangers of learning use-of-force law from anecdotes.
George Zimmerman trial.
Michael Dunn trial: importance of calling 911.
Theodore Wafer trial: getting specialized knowledge into evidence.
Learning use-of-force law is not rocket science, but does require effort.


You can find the "Lull in the Fight" podcast here:

Of course, you can find everything "Law of Self Defense" here:

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Law of Self Defense Video Podcast, 6-6-17:
Attorney Andrew Branca is a guest on the  Firearms nation podcast, hosted by Arik Levy, where he answers use-of-force law questions.

Also available as a video on our Youtube channel:

You can also learn more about the Firearms Nation podcast (to which I myself subscribe) and Arik's equally-excellent "Shooters Summit" series of interviews with leaders of the gun community here:


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